Bathroom Renovation: Repairing the Walls

After the “demo” of our bathroom, we had to repair the drywall and paint the walls.  I was really worried about this step, but it turns out it isn’t as hard as I anticipated.  I went to Home Depot, explained our situation to a sales associate, and within 10 minutes, I was out the door with all the supplies I needed.

To patch the largest hole, we used a self adhesive patch.


We covered the patch with drywall joint compound, and then used the drywall joint compound to cover the smaller imperfections.  We left it overnight to dry. Then we sanded patches until they were smooth.  To help camouflage the patches, Joey sprayed the walls with drywall wall texture.


After letting the texture dry, we painted.  It took about two coats and some touch-ups.


Now that the walls looks great, we can move on to the next step – tiling!! I ordered tiles online, and they are supposed to arrive on Thursday.  Joey is out of town, so I was planning on surprising him by finishing the tiling when he was gone. But he specifically asked me NOT to try laying the tile without him.  He doesn’t trust me, which is probably wise. I tend to be more impatient than he is, and I’m prone to mistakes, which means he often has to re-do my work.

Bathroom Renovation: Demo

So the first step in our bathroom renovation was what I like to call the “demo” stage.  We didn’t actually demo anything, but it sounds cooler than the “remove the vanity/mirror” stage.  The space looks so much bigger without the bulky vanity, wouldn’t you agree?


The wall behind the mirror and vanity needs some TLC, so we are going to have to do some drywall patching.  Neither Joey nor I know how to  patch drywall, so I’ll be stopping at Home Depot after work tomorrow to get some advice.  Then I’ll be watching some YouTube tutorials. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for YouTube. I’m not sure how we got along before it. I’ll keep you all posted on our progress!

Bathroom Renovation: Before

Joey and I are undertaking our biggest project to date – a renovation of our bathroom.  I’ve been wanting to do it for a while. There isn’t anything terribly wrong with our current bathroom. It looks nice enough, but the real problem is functionality. It’s a very small bathroom with a HUGE vanity.  When the door is open, it almost touches the drawers. I have to have the door closed if I want to open any drawers. It’s a real pain.

Bathroom-Reno-Before-1 Bathroom-Reno-Before-2

Our plan is to replace the vanity with a more space efficient one from Ikea. We are also going to add cabinets that are shallow and tall. This will  maximize the limited space that we have.

I’ll be posting pictures as we progress through the project, so make sure to stay tuned!


Joey and I just returned from a week long excursion to Portugal. Portugal is an absolutely beautiful country, with a rich cultural and historical background. It is often overlooked by Americans traveling to Europe, which is a shame, because it truly is a phenomenal place.

We arrived in Lisbon, on Christmas morning. After getting settled into our hotel, we walked around the Barrio Alto neighborhood where we stayed. Although most shops and museums were closed, we had a great time exploring the historical neighborhood.


On our second day, we caught a train to the Algarve, in the southern region of the country.  We rented a car, and spent the next few days driving along the coast and stopping at all of the beaches.  Our first stop was Sagres, on the Southwestern tip of the coast.


After exploring Sagres, we drove east, along the coast.  We stopped in Lagos, where we visited two incredible beaches,  Praia da Dona Ana and Ponta da Piedade.


We also explored Praia da Marinha, which is farther east.

Praia-da-Marinha-1 Praia-da-Marinha-3 Praia-Da-Marinha

After a relaxing few days in the Algarve, we returned to Lisbon, where we spent the remainder of the trip.  We had a lot of fun exploring the city.  We bought a multi-day bus pass, which was a great choice because it allowed us to visit a bunch of different neighborhoods.


It was a wonderful vacation, and I would highly recommend Portugal as a travel destination for anyone looking for a place with a unique history and lots of natural beauty.