Bar Cart Makeover

I have been wanting a bar cart for a while, but all of the good carts at the thrift stores seemed to have been picked up. Bar carts are a pretty big fad right now, so the pickings are slim; however, the great thing about thrifting is that if you are patient, like really, really patient, eventually you’ll find something.  Case in point, last week, I was at a Goodwill that I don’t often frequent, and I found a wine holder that I thought had some potential.  I consulted with Joey, and he agreed that we could make it work. As usual, he was right!  It took a little work, but I now have a perfect bar cart.


One of the first things I did, was take off the wavy metal wine holder racks. They were easy to remove, because they were screwed into the rack legs.   Then I got out my sanding paper, and I spent a good deal of time sanding off old paint. Once it was sanded down, I sent Joey outside to spray paint the frame gold.  One of the downsides to living in a condo, is that we don’t have private outdoor space to paint in.  Unfortunately, that means whenever we want to paint something, we have to run across the street to a parking lot and find an empty area.  And since we live in Seattle, we also have to wait for a break in the rain before we can do any painting.  It’s quite an ordeal.

Beyond the spray paint, there were a few embellishments that we added.  For instance, the original rack didn’t actually have any shelf dividers.   When we were at Goodwill, we went to the kitchen area and found some plastic trays that fit the shelf openings. The plastic looked cheap, so Joey spray painted the trays white.


The other issue was that it didn’t have any wheels. I was really adamant that it needed to have wheels. I’m not sure why, because I’m not really planning on rolling it around the living room, but it seems much cooler with wheels. I bought a 4 pack of Everbilt 1-5/8 in. Plastic Wheel Stem Casters from Home Depot. They were only about $5.  After the paint had dried on the rack, I turned it upside down, took off the rubber soles, and installed the wheels.  The stems were just a little too thin to fit, so Joey wrapped them with paper, to make sure they were snug. I gave it a whirl around the room to test it out, then I got out my alcohol and wine glasses and arranged them on the shelves.


Now we have a bar cart that is the envy of all our friends, and believe it or not, we only spent about $20 for everything, including the paint.

Goodwill Outlet Dresser Makeover

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Goodwill Outlet is the greatest store ever! I always find amazing deals.  Just a few weeks ago, I bought a perfectly functional dresser for 99 cents. It was a little plain for my tastes, but I knew that it had potential. Here is what the dresser looked like when I bought it.


Before doing anything else, I sanded and cleaned it.  Then I removed the drawers and painted them gray.  I installed 3 Ikea SÄTTA handles for the drawer pulls.  As a finishing touch, I re-painted the dresser’s body.  It was a very simple makeover, but I think it made a world of difference.


I’m currently using it to store all of our tools and cleaning supplies.  It’s the perfect size and it fits nicely in our hallway closet.


Maybe I’m a little weird to be putting a dresser in a closet, when I could just as easily close the closet door and ignore the mess; however, I’m kind of a neat freak, so having an organized closet makes me so, so, so happy.  I even installed some cute little hooks to hang my broom and mops.  It’s all very orderly.


I think I’m going to tackle our bedroom closet next.  I can’t seem to keep it organized no matter how hard I try.

Ikea Nils Chair Makeover

The project I am about to share was one of the most frustrating projects I have ever worked on.  I like to consider myself a fairly capable person, so when I decided that I was going to add tufting to my Ikea Nils chair, I thought it would be a piece of cake. I watched some YouTube tutorials, and although everyone said that it was going to be tough, I was confident that I had the skills to succeed… boy was I wrong.  It was rough.   I changed tactics so many times and got so frustrated, that I didn’t even get any photos of the process. On the bright side, I now have a pretty solid approach and am planning on reupholstering my other Ikea Nils chair, so I hope to get photos and give a better tutorial then.

Here is the before. It’s a perfectly lovely chair, but a bit on the plain side.


And here is the after!


I tried three different fabrics before settling on this faux leather that I got at Zero Landfill for FREE! The only things I had to buy for the project was an upholstery needle and a craft button cover kit. I also used some silver paint to give the legs a little pizazz.


But even though the monetary cost of my project was  super cheap, the number of hours I spent working on it was costly. It pretty much took me a week to finish. Joey lucked out because he was out of town on a work trip, so he didn’t get to hear my incessant complaining as I toiled away for hours on end. I continually pricked my finger on the needle, and I actually ended up drawing blood a few times.


For all my complaining, I actually really like the outcome.  The tufting isn’t perfect, and I wish that I had done diamond tufting instead, but it was a labor of love.  And when I cover some of the less professional tufts with a faux sheepskin throw, it doesn’t look half bad.