Bathroom Renovation: Repairing the Walls

After the “demo” of our bathroom, we had to repair the drywall and paint the walls.  I was really worried about this step, but it turns out it isn’t as hard as I anticipated.  I went to Home Depot, explained our situation to a sales associate, and within 10 minutes, I was out the door with all the supplies I needed.

To patch the largest hole, we used a self adhesive patch.

repair patch

We covered the patch with drywall joint compound, and then used the drywall joint compound to cover the smaller imperfections.  We left it overnight to dry. Then we sanded patches until they were smooth.  To help camouflage the patches, Joey sprayed the walls with drywall wall texture.


After letting the texture dry, we painted.  It took about two coats and some touch-ups.


Now that the walls looks great, we can move on to the next step – tiling!! I ordered tiles online, and they are supposed to arrive on Thursday.  Joey is out of town, so I was planning on surprising him by finishing the tiling when he was gone. But he specifically asked me NOT to try laying the tile without him.  He doesn’t trust me, which is probably wise. I tend to be more impatient than he is, and I’m prone to mistakes, which means he often has to re-do my work.

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