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As of last Sunday, Joey and I have been residing in Seattle for exactly two months.  Yay! It has been such an adventure, and we are loving our new lives in the Pacific Northwest.  Now that we are settled, our house is finally coming together.   Consequently, I think this would be a good time to start giving mini tours of our house.  Since you’ve already seen my reading nook, now I’m going to show off our dining corner.

While “most people” have a dining room, Joey and I aren’t “most people”.  Instead of a whole room devoted to culinary feasts, we have a corner in our living room.  Although I like to think that we are conventional design rebels, our dining room corner is actually the result of living in a very tiny apartment and not because of our rebellious design aesthetic.  In fact, the only area available for dining happened to be a corner, so we just went with it.

Here is a breakdown of all of the items in our corner:

  • The mirror was found at Goodwill Outlet.  When we purchased it, there were magazine cutouts taped all over it.  We cleaned it up with some Goo Gone and spray painted the frame black.  Now it goes great with all of our decor.
  • The table is an Ikea Norden Gateleg.  It is such an awesome table because a) it has built-in drawers for storage, and b) it can be expanded to fit 4 people, or both flaps can be closed for maximum space storage.  We usually leave just one flap open as pictured.
  • The chairs are also from Ikea.  Both the chairs and table were purchased with our wedding gift money.
  • The flower pots are from Ikea as well.  Sensing a pattern, here? Our home decor is either from thrift stores or Ikea. Oh, the joys of being young and poor.
  • The cute salt and pepper shakers were a wedding gift.
  • The green table mats are from Marshalls.
  • And… drum roll please… the giant E is from the Pacific Antique Mall.  We just purchased it this weekend, and I am in love. It is an old store sign that we got for only $10.  Joey loves typography and our last name is Ekloff, so the E actually has a meaning.  (I wanted a giant Z, but I couldn’t come up with an explanation for why I would have a Z in my house.  All I could think of was that I like Zebras, but that seemed silly to me).  The picture below captures the E in all its glory.

I hope you enjoyed these few photos.  I’m going to tackle a big kitchen project soon, so I’ll be posting before and afters within the next couple weeks.

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