Colorful Living Room Makeover

I recently embarked on a tiny makeover project.  I was getting a little tired of my living room decor, but I didn’t want to make a drastic or expensive change, so I opted for a few small, yet high impact changes.

The main change was a new rug.  I fell in love with this colorful stamped scalloped rug from Urban Outfitters.  It is 5×7 and cost $79, which I think is a fair price considering its large size. The other major change was the pantry/wardrobe.  I had some leftover chalkboard paint from my last diy project and thought it would be nice to spruce up the wardrobe a little.  The best part is that we can draw whatever we want on it.  Joey drew a pattern to match the rug, but we have the option of changing it whenever we choose.  The only other change was a minor pillow swap.

I’m quite pleased with the results.  I would have liked to change out a few more things (like the couch), but Joey and I are planning on moving soon, so I didn’t want to go overboard with new furniture and decor.  Speaking of moving, we put an offer in on a great condo, so we might be homeowners soon! It is very exciting, but also terrifying.

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