Dog Days of Summer

Summer finally arrived in Seattle. It was a whopping 90 degrees yesterday. Now before you judge me (I’m talking to you, Arizona friends), let me clarify something–Joey and I do not have air conditioning in our apartment, and we live on the top floor; so to us, 90 degrees is almost unbearable.  Air conditioning makes a HUGE difference.  To beat the heat, we sat in the shade and drank some refreshing water.

Don’t you love the cute glasses I made for us?  It was a really simple DIY.  All I did was use some leftover chalkboard paint on some mason jars.  I used painter’s tape to mark the designated area, and then I used two coats of paint.  This isn’t dishwater safe, but Joey and I don’t have a dishwater, so it doesn’t really matter to us.

I think this would be an adorable wedding idea.  Or maybe just for a little party.  Everyone could write their names on their glasses with chalk and then nobody would get their drinks mixed up.

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