Cupcake Liner Paper Flower

Do you have 5 minutes to spare?  If so, you can make a beautiful paper flower.  All you need is a piece of yarn, scissors, and a few cupcake liners…. oh and my tutorial, which I have adapted from an amazing book, Paper Made by Kayte Terry.


Start by taking a stack of 3-6 cupcake liners.  Make two small slits in the bottom of the liners.


Next, take a piece of yarn and thread it through the two slits as shown below.


Separate the liners, layer by layer.  Give each layer a slight twist to make the flower full.


Tie the ends of the yarn into a knot.  You can cut the excess yarn off, or if you plan on wrapping a gift, keep the yarn long.  For a gift that I recently wrapped, I took the yarn and wrapped it around the gift multiple times.


You might notice that instead of wrapping paper, I used butcher paper, which had been splattered with yellow paint from an earlier craft project.   Reduce, reuse, recycle is my motto.  Plus, I like the juxtaposition  of the harsh butcher paper, the yellow paint splotches, and the delicate paper flower attached with yarn.


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