The Look for Less: Pottery Barn Hooks

Both of the towel hooks pictured below are stylish, but one comes from a store best known for its cheap, fast-fashion clothing, while the other comes from Pottery Barn.  Can you tell which is which?


If you guessed the pair of hooks on the left are from Pottery Barn, you are correct.  These Schoolhouse Numbered Hooks retail for $15 a piece, which is surprisingly affordable for Pottery Barn; however, an even more affordable choice is the similarly styled hooks on the right, which only cost $3.95 a piece.  The best part…. they are sold at H&M?! That’s right, H&M now has a home department.  It is filled with amazing, affordable home decor that makes me swoon.  I’ve always loved H&M, but now I love it even more.


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