The Look for Less: West Elm ZigZag Rug

I am always surprised by how expensive area rugs can be.  Case in point, one of the 8’x10′ rugs below retails at West Elm for $549.  Ouch! Luckily, there are some cheaper options.  For instance, Urban Outfitters sells a similar rug for $199.  By looking at the photo below, can you tell which is which?


If you guessed the one on the right is from West Elm, you are correct.  It’s undoubtedly a beautiful rug, and if you have $549 hanging around, I say go for it!  But if you are like me and hate parting with your hard earned money, you can get the same look, with a lot lower price, if you purchase the rug from Urban Outfitters.  Can you say BARGAIN!?!


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