Making a Stamp is Cool


I’m excited to share a really cool project that Joey recently completed.  He carved a rubber stamp to make a vintage key print, which is something I would have never thought to do, but it turned out fantastic!


First Joey designed and sketched a unique key.  He scanned it into the computer and made a few tweaks.  Then he printed it on our inkjet printer.  He penciled over the key, then placed it face down on a Speedball Carving Block and pressed a hot iron on it for a few seconds.  This transferred the graphite, which made an outline of the key on the rubber stamp.


Joey then used a linoleum cutter kit to carve out the key shape. He used all of the different sized cutting tools that were included in the kit.


After the stamp was completed, I helped him stamp a stack of index cards. Joey’s vision was to hang the cards in a line to create a repeating pattern. We found some miniature clothespins at Daiso, a Japanese discount store, which were the perfect size to hang the cards.  We then hung the cards from string attached to a pegboard that found at last year’s Zero Landfill event.



If you are interested in making your own key stamp, you can download the pdf template here.

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