The Look for Less: West Elm Textured Dinnerware

West Elm has a set of “linen textured” dinnerware that I am obsessed with! It sounds a little weird–I wouldn’t usually associate linen with dishes, but it totally works.  A 16 piece dinnerware set sells for $128. To be honest, I’m not an expert on dinnerware, so that might be a decent price; however, it’s a little above my budget.  Lucky for me, Target sells a very similar set by Nate Berkus for only $60. Can you tell from the photo below which is the Target version?


If you guessed that the set on the right is the more affordable version, you are correct.  The set on the left is the West Elm version. It is a little difficult to see on a white background, but both sets of dinnerware are quite elegant.  I personally like the texture on the West Elm version a little bit more. The photo below captures the simplicity of the West Elm set.  It’s very subtle.

West Elm

The Nate Berkus version, shown below, is also very beautiful; however, the pattern is a little loud for my taste.  Fortunately, the affordable price of the set makes up for any aversion I have to it’s “loudness.”  It’s less than 1/2 the price of the West Elm version! Can you say deal?


What are you’re thoughts?  Do you like one set better than the other?

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