Weekend in Mossyrock

This past weekend, Joey, Zuzu, and I spent a night at Adytum Sanctuary, an amazing B&B right outside of Mossyrock, Washington. It’s a beautiful retreat, and a perfect weekend getaway that is only two hours south of Seattle.


When I say it’s only two hours from Seattle, that is assuming you drive straight through.  We took our time and stopped at all the scenic lookouts. It took us about four hours in total.



We even stopped at a salmon hatchery.




When we arrived at Adytum, we were greeted by spectacular views of Lake Mayfield.


We were also greeted by the three dogs that call Adytum home.  Liberty, a one year old German Shepard, took an immediate liking to Zuzu and followed us around the entire time. He was precious.



I love Seattle, but sometimes a weekend in the country is exactly what the doctor ordered. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.

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