Ikea Bygel Utility Cart Makeover


A while back, I showed a post about the bar cart that Joey and I revamped. We love it, and as it turns out, so do most of our friends.  It gets a lot of compliments. So when some of our closest friends bought their very first house, we (or maybe just I….Joey didn’t really have a choice in the matter) decided that we had to make them a bar cart as a housewarming gift.  But I wasn’t having luck finding a good frame at the thrift stores, so I had to take a different approach – IKEA!! I love Ikea, and it turns out their Bygel Utility Cart makes a pretty good bar cart. I saw some cool makeovers on Pinterest, so I decided to give it a shot.

We started by assembling the basic cart. As you can see from the photo below, it’s a little boring.

ikea cart

That is where the wonder of contact paper and chalkboard paint came in.  You might remember my stainless steel contact paper backsplash from a few years ago.  Well, I borrowed from that idea and covered the bottom two shelves for a stainless steel, industrial look.  Then I busted out the chalkboard paint.  I gave the top shelf a few coats of paint.  After letting it dry, I handed Joey a piece of chalk and told him to draw whatever he wanted. He complained a little bit, but I know he secretly loves all the projects I drag him into.  He came up with a great design in like 10 minutes.


If our friends decide they want to change up the look, they can just erase it and have Joey draw them something else — although they might have to bribe him with some drinks first, but I’m sure he will eventually agree to draw something new.


We brought it over to our their house last week, and they love it.  It was a simple project, inexpensive project that will definitely be put to good use.



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