Textured Wall Panels

I’m going to share an embarrassing fact about myself. About a year ago, I was dead set on starting pinata making business on the side. I bought all the supplies to start my business, but then I realized something, making pinatas is very time consuming. It’s also not super easy to do.  I have a full time job. I barely have time to take care of Zuzu and Joey, let alone start a side business. So I put the kibosh on the whole business idea; however, I still had a ton of white streamers that I had intended to use for the pinatas.  This weekend, I decided to put them to good use, and I made some really fun wall panels that are hanging in my room. So I guess something good came out of the whole ordeal.furry-pinata-wall-3

If you are interested in making your own wall panels, all you need is kraft paper, streamers, scissors, and a glue stick.  You cut the kraft paper to the size you want your panels to be. Then cut the streamers to make a fringe effect and glue them onto the kraft paper. Make sure to start at the bottom of the panel and work your way up.

furry-pinata-wall-2It’s time consuming, but the result is a pretty and interesting wall art that costs next to nothing.


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