Another Bar Cart Makeover

I just completed another bar cart makeover, and I’m a little ashamed to admit that this third one I’ve done (see the first here and the second here). I just really love bar carts. There is something so classic and retro about them. So whenever I see something at a thrift store that has some potential, I jump on the opportunity.  This time, I was at Goodwill Outlet when I found the cart below.


It had potential, but needed a few tweaks. First, I replaced the clunky black wheels with smaller white ones and painted the frame blue. Then I got a free piece of scrap wood from Home Depot and had it cut to fit the bottom ledge and create a new shelf. The biggest change was covering the faux wood top with metallic contact paper. As a finishing touch, I added an under the shelf wine glass holder.


One of the coolest features is that the sides can be opened to create more counter space.


It’s practical and stylish. I couldn’t ask for more.



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