Retro Suitcases: Packed Full of Style

As a continuation to my praise for aprons, I am now singing accolades to another retro love–vintage suitcases.  

There is something so classy and timeless about carting my luggage through the airport in an adorable suitcase sans wheels.  Yes, my arms feel like they are going to fall off by the time I reach my travel destination, but on the plus side I am getting an arm workout and looking mighty fab. With a hard shell case, my clothes are always safe from the infamous cargo smush, and I can use my suitcase as a self defense weapon–score!

Joey and I found these lovely suitcases (pictured above) at Savers and The Salvation Army.  They each cost less than $5, and after using a good disinfectant, and I am pleased to say that these little gems will be traveling the world with us.

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