Unwanted to Unforgettable: A Pegboard Transformation

The first weekend that Joey and I moved into our new house, we went to a ZeroLandfill Seattle upcycling event just down the street from our condo.  ZeroLandfill is a really awesome organization.  Below is an excerpt from their facebook page.

“Since 2006, the ZeroLandfill™ project team has partnered with the architectural and interior design community in identifying, diverting from local landfills and re-purposing back into the community over 500,000 pounds of expired specification samples that hold value for other audiences.”

Basically they take unwanted samples from interior designers and architecture firms and give them away for free at large upcycling events.  Awesome, right? Well I scored some beautiful wallpaper samples and fabrics, but the best thing I found was a display board used to showcase decorative laminate samples.  Obviously, I do not have a collection of laminate samples, but I knew that the board could be re-purposed into something special, so I lugged it home.

After a lot of thought, I decided to re-purpose the board into a pegboard.  Luckily, the board already had holes drilled into it. Feeling inspired, I got my game face on and started the transformation.    Below is a picture of what it looked like pre-makeover (As evident by his expression, Joey had overwhelming  enthusiasm at the thought of helping me with the project…. well maybe that is an overstatement.)   I started by carefully examining the backside of the board.  It was just plain particleboard, but it was in great shape, so I decided to face the particle board forward and leave it au naturel.  Joey helped me hang it on our bedroom wall.   It looked nice, but I didn’t want to just leave it empty.  After careful consideration, I decided it should be used as a message board.  I took some index cards, wrote my message, and punched a hole at the top of each index card.  Then I used hooks to hang the cards on the board.

It was a simple project, but the reason it means so much to me is because the message I wrote is the title of the song that Joey and I danced to at our wedding–a Billie Holiday recording of “Our Love is Here to Stay.”

It is such a nice addition to our bedroom and it brings back wonderful memories.

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  1. Kathryn Ekloff
    December 12, 2012 at 11:32 pm (8 years ago)

    Thanks :) we need to do happy hour soon!


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