Spreading Christmas Cheer

This year, Joey suggested we challenge ourselves to consider the true spirit of Christmas.  Instead of focusing on the material things associated with Christmas (although we do love gifts), we choose to do something special for the community.  So we spent our Christmas Eve walking around downtown Seattle doing random acts of kindness.   We used the money that we had saved for stocking stuffers and purchased gifts at a local drugstore.  We bought bagels, Powerade, energy bars, hats, tissues, and peanuts, among other treats.  We then walked around downtown offering the gifts to the homeless people we encountered.  I know it sounds cheesy, but that was one of the best Christmas Eves I have ever had.  One of the highlights was when Joey helped push a man in a wheelchair up a hill (see photo below).  He was so grateful.  We also bought some Chinese takeout and gave it to a man asking for spare change.  Although I was a concerned that I would miss my stocking stuffers come Christmas morning, I must admit, I didn’t miss a thing.  I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

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