Georgetown Trailer Park Date

Joey and I went on a rather unique date yesterday.  We decided to check out the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, which is located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.  You are probably wondering why the heck we would go to a trailer park for a romantic date, but Joey and I are slighly looney, so it was a pretty fitting date.  We had a great time and were treated to a stylish and inspiring shopping experience.  Basically, the Georgetown Trailer Park is a bunch of old trailers that have been converted into shops and restaurants.   The weather was a bit overcast, so there were not a ton of people there, but I imagine it gets packed in the summer months.  In case you were stumped about what you should wear to a trailer park mall, I’m including a picture of what we wore below.

My dress and pants are thrifted, my blazer is from Forever 21, and my scarf was a gift from my sister.  Joey’s entire outfit is thrifted.

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