DIY Wine Bottle Vase

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a huge fan of holiday crafts, which explains why I haven’t been keeping up with my diy posts; however, now that the holidays are over, I’m back on track.  The first craft I would like to share is a yarn wrapped wine bottle vase. I invite you to follow my tutorial below to create your own.

Warning: You will need an empty wine bottle for this project; however, a friendly suggestion is to NOT drink the wine just before beginning.  I know from experience that wielding a hot glue gun while under the influence of alcohol can lead to an unpleasant outcome. 


  • Empty Wine Bottle
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Yarn
  • Fabric or Ribbon (for bow)


Wrap the yarn around the bottle.  I suggest starting at the top of the bottle and working your way down.  You will need to use the hot glue to secure the ends of the yarn.  I  also suggest dabbing the glue every few rows, just to ensure the yarn stays in place.  You can use whatever colors you prefer and create patterns by changing the yarn color occasionally.  I choose to keep my vase simple by only using one stripe.  After wrapping the entire bottle, I cut a strip of fabric from an old dress and tied a bow around the neck.  This is purely optional, but I thought it gave the vase a nice punch of color.

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