Headband Turban Tutorial

Turbans are all the rage right now.  I really, really love the look, but I just don’t think I’m hip enough to pull it off. Also, I’m pretty sure that if I come into my job at an investment firm with my hair up in a turban, I will get some funny looks.  That is why I was so excited try a more approachable alternative to the traditional turban–the headband turban! This is such a cute hair idea and is definitely office appropriate.  All you need is a scarf.  I used a silk scarf that my grandma sent to me.  It is red and white with an adorable horse pattern.

If you want to recreate this look, follow my tutorial below.

  1. If you have a square scarf, fold it into a triangle.
  2. Beginning with the tip of the triangle, begin folding the scarf.
  3. When you are done, the scarf should look like a very long rectangle.
  4. Tie the scarf around your head so that the middle of the scarf is under your hair and then pull the ends up to the top of your hair.  Pull the left end to your right side and the right end to your left side.
  5. Twist the ends to create a knot and then pull the ends back behind your hair.  Secure the ends by tying them into a knot.

Don’t you think it looks cute? I’m definitely a huge fan of this look.  I think it brings a little bit of glam to everything I wear!

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