Salton Sea DIY Minibook

For Joey’s bachelor party, he and his friends had planned a trip to NYC; however, the day of their departure, all flights were cancelled due to inclement weather.  Instead of scrapping their plans entirely, they changed course and took a roadtrip to the Salton Sea. Joey documented their adventures in a minibook that he created.  It was a great idea and an easy way to commemorate a special trip.


3-title-page 4-below-your-feet 5-hollow-bones 6-marine-shore-bones 7-salton-seamonster-1  8-yourself 9-parking-lot 10-birds 11-feet-melting 12-dry-fish 13-rowboat 14-shack 15-colophon 16-end

If you want to make your own minibook, SeaLemonDIY has a great tutorial explaining how to use the perfect binding technique.  It is quite inexpensive and simple.

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