Turn an Empty Jug into a Flower Vase

What do you do with a 3.25 pound tub of peanut butter pretzels?


Well if you’re like me, you’ll eat the pretzels at an embarrassingly quick pace, and then you’ll turn the empty tub into a flower vase.


I painted the tub a beautiful shade of grey that I got from a local art store for FREE!  The store was having a promotion where you spin a wheel to win a prize.  I won the tube of acrylic paint, and Joey won a sketchbook.


After a few coats of paint, I wrapped some thin rope around the neck of the tub.


Then I bought a beautiful bunch of dried flowers from Pike Place Market and put them in my new vase.


It looks great, and if I hadn’t told you, I doubt you would have known this vase’s humble origins.


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