Color of the Month: Mint

I’ve noticed that people in Seattle tend to dress in neutral colors.  For instance, my office is usually full of people dressed in black, brown, grey, or white; but the other day one of my co-workers broke the mold and wore a mint green sweater.  It looked fantastic, and I was actually quite inspired.  That’s why I decided that mint should be April’s color of the month. I did some research and found out that mint is actually a pretty popular color in home design and decor.  There are lots of great spaces featuring mint, and I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites.


Source: Pretty Interior


Source: Elements of Style


Source: Etsy


Source: Achica Living


Source: Lovely Clusters



Source: 6th Street Design School



Source: The Family of Love Tree


Source: Flickr


Source: Bolig

I have noticed that most of the photos feature white as the secondary color.  White and mint are a perfect combination, because the white tones down the mint and makes the spaces seem a little more calm and accessible. I hope you feel inspired to experiment and try adding some mint to your space.  Happy April!

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