Painting with Sharpie


Today, I have a cool craft to share, that I actually stumbled upon by accident. It started when I decided that my set of ceramic ASKER containers from Ikea needed a facelift. I thought it would be a good idea to draw on them with Sharpie, but I was very mistaken.  The striped design that I imagined would look great, turned out looking like a kindergartener’s craft project gone wrong.  It was horrible.  I was relieved when a quick internet search led me to believe it was easy to erase Sharpie from ceramic with rubbing alcohol.


Well the internet was wrong.  The rubbing alcohol didn’t erase the Sharpie, but instead diluted and spread the color like paint.


Luckily, it turns out the painted Sharpie effect is pretty cool, so I decided to replicate it on all of the containers. The result is now on display in our bathroom.


The unique stroke pattern comes from the use of a cotton ball as my paintbrush. I rubbed the cotton ball horizontally, back and forth, until I was happy with the effect. I was a pleasantly surprised that the diluted Sharpie became a purplish gray color, because it actually matches our bathroom’s color palette.


The containers themselves are quite functional and are perfect for storing q-tips and cotton balls.



What started as a diy fail, turned into a pretty cool project.

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