Branch Jewelry Holder

If you are searching for a cheap way to store and display your jewelry, look no further.  This Free People inspired branch jewelery holder is the perfect blend of style and function.



  • Branch
  • Gold & White Acrylic Paint
  • 5 cup hooks (5/8 in)
  • Twine



1. Find a branch that looks sturdy enough to hold a few pieces of jewelry. Trim off any excess leaves or twigs.

2. Paint stripes of gold and white across the branch. To give it an organic feel, don’t make the strips evenly spaced.

3. Screw 4 cup hooks into the branch. They need to be evenly spaced to ensure proper balance.

4. To hang the branch, tie a piece of twine to opposite sides of the branch.  Screw the 5th cup hook into the wall where you intend to display the jewelery.  Then wrap the center of the twine around the hook.


It’s pretty simple, but makes a big style impact.

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