Coffee Obsession

Let’s talk about coffee — I live in Seattle, the coffee mecca, so it’s no surprise that I love coffee. I think there are two keys to a good cup of coffee – the beans and the brewing method.


Let’s start with the beans. I wouldn’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur, but I do like trying different roasts. That’s where Angel’s Cup comes in.  Angel’s Cup is this really cool subscription coffee service that let’s you sample coffees from different brewers.


Then you can download their app to record tasting notes. It’s a pretty good deal, because subscriptions start at only $8.99.  When you consider how much a cup of coffee at Starbucks costs, it’s fairly reasonable.  You get four different samples in each shipment.


Plus, the packaging is really nice. I’m a sucker for good packaging.Angels-Cup-3

But no matter how good the beans are, you won’t be able to enjoy them unless you know how to properly brew them.  My favorite way to brew my coffee is using an AeroPress.  The AeroPress is really easy to use. You basically just need the AeroPress brewer and filter, a coffee grinder, a spoon, and hot water.


You can follow the tutorial below for the detailed steps.

Now you have a perfect cup of coffee.

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