Upgrade a Cheap Shoe Rack

Did you know that it’s super easy to upgrade a cheap shoe rack and make it look like a mid century modern marvel? All it takes is wood stain and white paint. Here is the shoe rack before. The brand is Whitmore and it was only $12.99 on Amazon.  Beyond the super low price, nothing about it was particularly appealing to me, but I felt that there was some potential for an easy hack.

Shoe Rack

It came disassembled, so before assembling it, I rounded up some leftover wood stain from a different project, applied two coats, and let it dry for a few hours.  Then I taped the top of the bottom legs with painters tape, and applied two coats of white paint to the bottom of the legs.  After letting it dry, I assembled the shoe rack and put it to use.  All in, it took a few hours on a Saturday afternoon and was definitely one of the easiest upgrades I’ve done.


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