Bedroom Tour – Before and After

When Joey and I bought our house, there were a few things we agreed had to happen: 1) The kitchen counter tops needed an overhaul (we covered them in cement – I’ll do a post on that process in the near future); 2) The ugly beige wall color that adorned every room had to be repainted a crisp white; and 3) the carpet on the main floor had to go.  Once these were completed, we felt like I had a clean slate to work with.  The paint and countertops were done within a month of closing, but the carpet removal took another month or so. It was surprisingly difficult to find someone that would remove the carpet and refinish the damaged wood floors beneath for a decent price, but eventually we found someone.  It was worth the wait, because I can’t even tell you what a difference it made.  In fact, the best thing I can do, is show you a before an after of our bedroom. The picture below is from the listing.

Bedroom Before

BORING! That’s about all I can say about it. Well, look at it now…


So much better, right? The obvious standout is the wood floors.  But the white paint also made a huge difference.  The other thing we did is hang our gallery wall which used to adorn the office/guest bedroom in our old house. It’s pretty much all the same photos, but a slightly different arrangement.


We also added a few DIY touches — our side tables are actually old speakers that I found at Goodwill, hollowed out, and added hairpin legs to. They are a perfect dash of personality and have a retro feel that really pulls the room together.


Our bookshelf sits at the edge of the bed. In this photo, it looks cramped, but there is actually a decent walkway. What I love about having the bookshelf in the room is that it encourages me to read a book before bed instead of automatically turning on Netflix. It’s easy access, so I have no excuse.

This room is still a work in progress. For instance, there is an awkward space above our bed that I want to fill with something. I’m thinking I actually just need to change out our bedframe for something with a beautiful headboard. I’ll keep you all posted on what I decide to do, but one thing is for sure — this room is a million times better than it was we moved in.  From a carpeted, beige ugly mess to a crisp, hardwood wonderland!

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