Florence is One Month Old

On November 25th, we welcomed Florence Gray, our beautiful baby girl into this world. Ever since then, it’s been a bit of a blur.  Between diaper changes, lack of sleep and round the clock feedings, it’s been a full time job.  Yesterday she turned one month old, and Joey and I couldn’t help but take some obligatory photos.  I can’t promise we will do these every month, but it’s definitely a goal I have.


P.S. If anyone ever tells you it’s easy to get a good photo of a baby, they are either a baby whisperer or a total liar, because it’s super hard. We captured a lot of crying photos, like the one below, before we got a winner.  I actually kind of love the crying photos because they are real. Too often blogs, including mine, mask reality and don’t show the full picture.  This is the full picture — babies cry.


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