Rotating Decor

I love changing up my decor, but I’m not made of money, so I often have to think creatively about how to make things look fresh. Enter rotating decor. What’s rotating decor, you ask? Well I like to move things from room to room – rugs, pictures, TVs. Nothing is off limits.

For example, just a few weeks ago, I showed the tiny bedroom in our basement. We had a TV in there, because I had banished the TV from our living room. Well, I retracted my original banishment, and the TV is back upstairs. In it’s place downstairs, we now have a lovely illustration that I recently framed. It’s something Joey drew way back in art school.


And then the TV went back above the fireplace. I’m still not in love with this, but our original plan was to install a projector in the living room. However, we are postponing that due to cost and thus the TV re-entered. We literally only use the TV when we have people over to watch a movie, so the jury is still out on whether this was a worthwhile swap.


I also have a blue rug that I keep moving around. For some reason, I never like where it ends up. It started in Florence’s room. Then I moved it to the large guest bedroom in our basement, and now it’s in my crafting space in the attic. In the basement, I replaced it with the muted pink rug that you can see in the corner of the photo below. Florence’s room has an almost identical rug now.


Will everything stay like this forever? Definitely not, but right now, I’m pretty content with how things are placed.

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