Holiday Decorations + Samsung Frame TV

I’m done decorating for Christmas, and I’m feeling very proud of myself. I used to never decorate, but this year, I decided it was time to make some memories for Florence. So we got a real live tree (my first one ever), which has been awesome. It is way less maintenance than I though it would be.


For ornaments, I kept it very simple. I used silver and gold globes, vintage gold ornaments from my Grandma, and a homemade orange garland. The orange garland was such an easy DIY and so beautiful. I just sliced 5 oranges very thinly, and I put them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 4 hours. Then I let them sit out overnight to finish drying.


The best part of the holiday decor is the TV, which I guess isn’t really a decoration, but it is is beautiful. I got a super deal on the Samsung Frame, and it is WORTH.THE.HYPE! For real, I love it. We have a 3 month subscription to the art store, so I’ve been experimenting with different artwork. Once our subscription is up, we are going to just load up some of Joey’s artwork…one of the many perks of being married to a designer.


I’ve started putting some presents under the tree, but I have to watch Florence like a hawk because every second I don’t have eyes on her, she tries to unwrap one. What do other parents do to keep their toddlers from destroying the wrapped gifts? Just hide them until Christmas Eve?


Happy holidays to everyone!

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