Small Space Solution: Outdoor Living

Joey and I live in a very small house–360 square feet to be exact.  With the addition of Zuzu, the miniature poodle we recently adopted, our space per living creature has drastically decreased.  Our friends often ask us how we live in such close quarters without killing each other.  I’ve got two words: Outdoor Living.  Luckily, we live in Tucson where you can enjoy the sunshine 360 days per year.  We take advantage of this by spending loads of our time in our backyard.  Of course we want our backyard to look presentable, but on our limited budget and with our black thumbs, we had to get creative.  The pictures posted here show some of the ways we made our backyard presentable without spending much money or effort.  Pretty much everything is thrifted, even the fake plants.  Our chandelier was made from mardi gras beads and the following tutorial:   With such a great outdoor living space, our house doesn’t seem so small.

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