Hard Cider Swingtop Bottle


Joey and I really like hard cider.  So when I saw a bottle of Chelan Gold Cider on clearance at the grocery store, I had to buy it. Not only is it delicious, but I was intrigued by the bottle design.  It’s a swingtop bottle, similar to the water pitchers that I have been seeing at a lot of cool restaurants, and I knew that it had some upcycling potential.


After we finished the bottle off, I got to work on my upcycling project. I started by sanding off the screen printed logo; however, in the process of removing the logo, I scuffed up the glass. To cover up the scuffs, I made a koozie out of some fabric.


I like how the fabric koozie gives the bottle a slighly rustic feel.  It’s just the look I was going for.


I’m always looking for ways to reduce my waste, so the fact that I was able to save this bottle from going into the landfill is a win in my book.

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