Mini Fridge Makeover

Today I’m going to share a mini fridge makeover that I recently completed.  It all started because my coworkers and I wanted a communal fridge in our workspace, but were having trouble finding anything affordable.  So I checked Craigslist and found a $35 Emerson fridge that was in good shape, but, as you can see from the photo below, not particularly attractive.


But look at it now.


It doesn’t look like the same fridge, does it?  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way.  I love the retro blue color.  Believe it or not, I found the paint in Home Depot’s “screw up” pile, i.e., it was mixed for a customer, but the customer didn’t want. It’s much cheaper to buy paint this way.


Since I was using house paint instead of appliance paint, I was a little worried about the durability; however it’s been holding up very well.  I think the key is to sand the fridge before painting.  That helps the paint adhere better.


Everyone in the office loves the fridge. It’s been a great addition to our workspace.

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