Armoire Amore

I’m always looking for creative storage, and lately I’ve been crushing on antique armoires, like this beauty from Chairsh.


I’m particularly in love with the mirror doors.  It’s such a large piece of furniture that without the mirrors, it could easily overwhelm a small room. The mirrors create an illusion of more space. But not everyone is so lucky to have such a beautiful antique with huge mirror doors. If you have a less than stellar armoire sitting around your house, you can still spruce it up to look like a showstopper.  My biggest advice is to remove the doors. Yep, that’s right, the doors. It seems contradictory since you the doors are meant to hid the clutter, but it can actually make a huge difference. For instance, look at how amazing this armoire in a bathroom looks.


Source: Pinterest

Even though the bathroom is a pretty tight space, it doesn’t look too large or out of place. Another great example is below.


Source: Pinterest

Like the examples above prove, you don’t need to limit the armoire to only wardrobe storage.  You can use the shelves to stow extra bedding, towels, or maybe your fancy dishes. Whatever you decide to store, it’s important to add some personality.  The way that I like to add personality is through accessories.  The collage below shows some of the items I would put on the shelves of my armoire.


  1. This cute fabric bin from H&M is a great option for hiding unsightly items.
  2. If you prefer wire baskets, Target has some stylish ones.
  3. These gold pig bookends from CB2 are amazing.
  4. I also love the look of this Zara Home pyramid vase.


The accessorizing possibilities are endless. Now if only I could find an inexpensive armorie!

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