Main Floor Bathroom Renovation

I’m really the worst blogger. I keep promising that I’m going to reveal awesome stuff, and then I never get around to posting. Well today that changes — at least momentarily. While Florence was napping, I was able to snap some photos of our bathroom reno and some of our basement remodel.  So without further adieu, I present our bathroom.Bathroom-Reno-1

So much tile, right? I was a little overwhelmed at first, but I think we made the right choice. Especially the black penny tile on the floor. It makes me so happy.

Here is a before from the real estate listing, so you can truly appreciate the change.

Bathroom Reno Before

It was beige, boring and so not my style. But we lived with it for a year and a half before finally committing to a change. What really sparked the decision to do the remodel was that our bath surround started peeling away from the wall. We used duck tape to hold it together for a solid 2-3 months. It was pretty embarrassing, especially since it’s the main bathroom in our house so anyone that come over and had to use the loo was privy to our “handiwork.”But that’s all in the past and now we have a beautiful bathroom that I’m proud to show off.

One of my favorite aspects are the shelves that we added above the toilet using reclaimed wood from Ballard Reuse.  We actually did that about 5 months ago while the rest of the room was still looking sad. I’m a firm believer in making small changes as you can, so any improvement makes a difference.


One thing that we still have to do is refinish the tub. We wanted to save money, so we kept the same tub, but it’s in rough shape.  That’s another project for another day!


Well pretty sure Florence is going to wake up any second, so that’s all I’m sharing for today, but I promise not to be such a flake, and I’ll start sharing some photos of our basement soon.

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