Samsung Frame TV


I’ve always hated having my TV out in the open. I even went so far as to banish the TV from our living room for a solid 6 months. It wasn’t a big deal to me, because I’m a cord cutter anyways. Don’t get me wrong, I watch as much Netflix as the next girl, but I would usually watch it in my bedroom on my iPad.  However whenever my parents would visit, they would complain about the lack to TV in out main living space, so much so, that I just gave up and brought the TV back into the living room. I hated it… that is until Christmas, when  I bought the Samsung Frame TV. I’m a TV convert now. It’s the most beautiful TV ever. It sits flush to the wall and displays artwork when it’s off, so it basically looks like a painting when not in use. And it has a frame, called a bezel, that wraps around the edges, concealing the fact that it’s a TV. You can upload your own artwork and photos, buy artwork from Samsung or subscribe to the art store for a monthly fee. I’m currently doing the latter because I love switching out the artwork depending on my mood. Right now, I have a piece called “The Wreck” by Louis Artan de Saint-Martin on display. It’s swoon worthy. I never thought I’d love a TV as much as I love the Frame. Seriously, I’m obsessed. And now that I’m practicing social distancing (thanks COVID-19), this TV is getting more use than I ever though it would! Stay safe everyone.

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