DIY Clay Planters

We are living in historic times. COVID-19 has uprooted life and turned everything upside down. Joey and I are incredibly lucky that our jobs are secure and we are able to work from home, but I know that not everyone has that privilege, so I want to be cognizant of the struggles and anxiety that you may have. One of the ways that I’ve been able to cope with my anxiety is through a lot of craft projects.  One that we undertook a few weeks ago, when Seattle was still the only place in the US that was under siege, was creating clay pots.


It was actually more straightforward than I expected. In reality, you really only need one thing… air dry clay! I also used a cardboard circular box as my mold, but Joey went rouge and didn’t use anything to shape his pot. He also has an art degree, so he is a bit more advanced that I am. He also used some sculpting tools, which he had leftover from college (which was SO LONG AGO – I give him a hard time for being a hoarder, but now that we are under quarantine, I’m actually pretty grateful for his hoarding tendencies). Anyways, when you see his planter, his artistic skills are pretty obvious. He made the cutest little face.


Mine is way less elegant, but I actually kind of love the organic shapes. Quarantine-Pots-3

These little cuties were added to my obscene collection of plants.. how many plants is too many? I’m probably in the range of 20-25 plants. That’s seems reasonable, right?

I hope everyone is staying safe out there! Happy crafting!

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