Building a Zero Waste Banquette


An alternative title for this post would be building a “trash” banquette, because that’s essentially what I did. One of the biggest parts of the banquette was an Ikea wardrobe that Joey pulled out of the dumpster at our condo downtown. The only other materials used were an Ikea cabinet from the “as is” section, faux leather from a zero waste event, foam, and velcro. That’s it. You can see the pre-upholstered setup below. Looks pretty janky, but I had a vision.


Because I didn’t want to sew anything, I watched a few YouTube tutorials where people used velcro to cover cushions. Spoiler alert, it works! Luckily I had some adhesive velcro in my craft drawer. For the cushion interior, I bought 3 inch thick foam at Home Depot and had Joey cut it to size using a circular saw.


It’s in the basement bedroom that I’m using as my home office during the pandemic (my company’s office is closed until September 2021!) Sometimes I get tired of sitting at my desk, and this will be the perfect alternative workspace when I want to change of scenery. basement-bench-3

All in, this took an hour to complete and the fact that it was made up of “trash” makes me extra happy.

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