Painted Mason Jars DIY

This is the world’s easiest diy project, and they look really cute!  Here is what I did:

1) I started by collecting old jars.

2) I washed the jars with soap and water (for the sticky residue, I used a bit of nail polish remover).

3) At Ace Hardware, I purchased a paint sample.  It cost less than $5.

4) I poured a small amount of paint in each jar, then slowly rotated the jar until the paint filled the entire inside.

5) I let it dry for a day.

6) The next day, I cleaned up excess paint along the rim and on the outside of the jar with nail polish remover.

That is all I did.  It was easy and very economical.  I purchased some fake flowers at the dollar store and put them in the jars to add a little color, and voila- a beautiful vase!

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