Florence’s Room Update

When I first decorated Florence’s room (here), I put a beautiful money tree in the corner. My mom warned me that Florence would be all up in that tree’s business once she was crawling. I didn’t believe her. No way would my calm, sweet baby girl try to dig all the dirt out of the pot and throw it around the room. No way. Well, yes way. I know have a wild pre-toddler running around my house causing havoc. So it’s like a game of whack a mole. She finds something dangerous or messy and I move it. Then she finds something else, and so on and so on. It’s never ending.  This is all a long way to say, I had to move the money tree into our room, and that sparked a decision to make some other changes in her room.


So besides the money tree, one of the bigger changes was a rug swap out.  I’m still not sure if this is the rug I want to keep in here, but it works for now. The old rug was a lovely gray one, that had one fatal flaw – it shed like crazy. I couldn’t take it anymore, so it had to go.


Another big change is the rocking char. I swapped out my beautiful emerald green chair for this replica Eames rocker that I found on craigslist for $15. I loved the green chair, but it always seemed like a bit out of place in the room. I also removed the plants that were hanging from the wall and put up a simple owl picture. It’s actually needlepoint, which is pretty cool. I found it at Goodwill.   The planter is a super cheap one that I found on Amazon and I painted the bottom white for a two toned look.  And that mini piano is basically the cutest thing ever. Florence loves “playing” it.


Florence also has her own rocker. It was actually mine that my mom shipped to me.


Where the money tree used to sit, I put a utility cart with some of her board books. The top shelf has a few plants. She can’t reach those yet, but I am sure that the day is coming when I’ll have to move them as well.


We are still in love with the hand painted walls (thank you Joey)!


So there you have it. Florence’s room as it stands today.


Stay tuned because we are remodeling our basement after a little flooding incident, so I’ll be sharing photos once it’s done.

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